The Bonsai Society of Portland, Oregon, promotes the art of bonsai through education. The Society meets monthly, presents guest speakers, shares bonsai knowledge, holds public exhibits, maintains a library of books, videos, maintains a mentorship program and holds social events.

Join the Bonsai Society of Portland and participate in an educational and pleasurable learning environment dedicated to the art of bonsai.


What’s Going On at the BSOP Meeting on June 28, 2016:

Special Notice:Scott Elser and Lee Cheatle are teaching a class on Yamadori Ponderosa Pines on July 31, 2016. Yamadori trees are generally collected from the mountains and are already dwarfed and/or contorted. There are only six openings in the class and one is already filled, leaving five.

This opportunity is being made available to you because of Randy Knight’s generosity. Randy is the premier collector in the North America and likely, in the world. His eye for quality, the sheer amount he collects, combined with the survivability rate of trees he collects, is unmatched.

Randy has given permission to discount the trees being offered for this class. If not for his generosity, these trees would not be available at the low prices being offered. Here is how it will work:

The five Ponderosas will be brought to the June meeting and displayed. They range from large to medium in size. The prices will be on each tree. The first to claim each tree becomes a part of the class. Prices will range from $150.00 to $300.00. In addition, there will be a $100.00 per person class fee. Scott and Lee want to be able to give quality time to all of the attendees. They have limited the attendance to six students. They have also allowed 8 hours of instruction time. That allows for a lot of one on one time. The class is primarily a styling class but will also be reviewing the care of Ponderosa Pines: fertilization, watering, reducing needle length, characteristics, etc.

The class will be held at Scott’s house in Lake Oswego on July 31, 2016, 9am to 5pm. Directions and details of what to bring will be given to those who will be in attendance. Payment for the trees and workshop can be made at the Tuesday meeting or at the time of the class. After purchase, the new owner can take the tree home Tuesday night or we will bring it to the class for you.

See you at the June meeting.
Lee Cheatle

Program 7pm – 9:00 pm: Or guest speaker this month is Bob Simon. Bob specializes in Redwoods and is a member of the Redwood Empire Bonsai Society in Santa Rosa. Bob has studied with Mas Imazumi, Mr. Mitsuya, Mr Tokita and Mr Tanaka, as well as Ryan Neil. In 2012 one of his redwoods won "Finest North American Native Species Bonsai" award at the 3rd U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, and he exhibited one of his redwoods at the Artisans Cup. He and his son Zack started Mendocino Coast Bonsai in 1997. His website is They specialize in collected California natives, mostly redwoods, and also sell Mendocino pygmy cypress, live oaks, and Sierra junipers in addition to bonsai pots and other supplies. Bob will have trees and pots for sale at our meeting. The workshop with Bob for Wednesday June 29th has been filled. Anyone wishing to attend may do so as a silent observer…which means watching only, no questions or discussion.

Help Desk (Question & Answer Table) 6-7pm: Ron Cascisa will be on hand at the help desk to assist you with your Bonsai questions

Show & Tell Tables 6:30pm - 9pm: If you have something to show off this is the place to do it! When dropping off your tree at the table, please fill out an information card about your tree.

Silent Auction 6pm - Break: This is a great opportunity for members to bring in trees they might want sell. You can put it up for silent auction and set your own minimum bid and you will receive 80% of the proceeds from the winning bid (20% to the club) and if the tree does not receive a bid or does not meet your minimum, you get it back. Of course you can always just donate your tree to the club for auction which would be much appreciated! VERY IMPORTANT if you want to include a tree in the auction, you must have it at the meeting no later than 6:30! Please note that after the close of the auction, the cashier will not be ready to take your payment until the auction results have been tallied (30 minutes)

Raffle 6pm - meeting end: Your 1st ticket is FREE when you pick up your name badge. Toni Martin will be selling raffle tickets, available for purchase at $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Tickets will be sold before the meeting and during the break. Check your numbers on the winner’s board at the end of the meeting before leaving. This month the raffle proceeds benefit our wonderful BSOP LIBRARY. Your donations of trees, pots and other items are ALWAYS needed and appreciated!

Vendor Tables 6pm - 7pm & break: Vendor Tables are available to ALL members who would like to sell trees & products. Please email Steve Leaming( so I can make sure we have your table set up. There is NO CHARGE for up to 2 tables.

Please call or email ahead to preorder specific needs:

  • Daybreak Gardens - (Donna) 360-687-5641
  • Wee Tree - (Rose) 503-971-8979.

BSOP Library 6pm – 7pm: Our librarian, Barbara Devitt, is a great resource for finding the book you are looking for. The library is located at the back of the stage in the main meeting room and is closed after 7pm. Please return and check out books with the library desk located in the vendor area.

A BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful hospitality committee who bring us tasty goodies & coffee each month!

Doors open at 6pm so come early and see what’s exciting at BSOP.