The Bonsai Society of Portland, Oregon, promotes the art of bonsai through education. The Society meets monthly, presents guest speakers, shares bonsai knowledge, holds public exhibits, maintains a library of books, videos, maintains a mentorship program and holds social events.

Join the Bonsai Society of Portland and participate in an educational and pleasurable learning environment dedicated to the art of bonsai.


June 24th Meeting: Pests and other issues

Our own Lyle Feilmeir, a professional arborist and amateur bonsaist, will be our June presenter. We all have a lot to learn about the pests and how to protect our our bonsai. We're very lucky to have someone as knowledgeable in our ranks as Lyle.
In addition, our June meeting will also include the return of the Inspiration Table, an area in our meeting room where members can bring finished or semi-finished bonsai for feedback. Any member with a tree that is ready for opinions, please contact Al Polito via email with the subject
line "Tree to display."

Meeting starts at 7pm, Tuesday, June 24. Come a little early to network. Guests welcome. See directions.



May 27 Meeting: Ask and Answer Questions

Subalpine Fir Bud - Photo: Scott ElserOur May 27th meeting will be an informal work session. Members will be working on and talkng about their bonsai - pruning, wiring, restyling or just looking for ideas. This is an excellent opportunity to watch, ask questions and learn. If you have a tree with issues, get a free opinion. If you're looking for a tree, ask others about characteristics of their trees.

Pot and plant sale/swap will add to the interest. And, our usual list of vendors will be available with tools, wire, soil, fertlizers, etc. Guests welcome. See directions in the Calendar.


Portland Japanese Garden Annual Bonsai Exhibit May 17-18

Join our Annual Spring Bonsai Exhibit on May 17 & 18, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. at the Portland Japanese Garden. The public is invited to see and learn about the art of bonsai. A number of our members will be available to answer questions and will also be demonstrating techniques. The exhibit is free with Garden admission. This annual event includes some of the most creative and elegant examples of our organization's bonsai.

Our Annual Critique will be Saturday evening, beginning at 6:30. The critique is for Bonsai Society Members only. This year's guest artist will be Ryan Neil and the critique length has been extended to 90 minutes! Contact Robert Wofford for tickets.


March 25 Meeting: Get your hands dirty

Due to a last-minute cancellation by our presenter, our March 25 meeting will be a great opportunity to get a little more repotting done! 

Even as spring on a rampage and in an unusual move, the city's cherry trees are peaking at the same time the plum trees are, we're all in a rush to get things repotted with this accelerated schedule! Bring your premixed soil, no exceptions! Our vendors will be on hand with pre-mixed bonsai soil should you wish to purchase it.

Bring a tree or two to work on

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February Meeting: Ryan Neil and Scott Elser's Douglas Fir Journey

On Tuesday, February 25, we'll see the next installment of Ryan Neil and Scott Elser's journey with Douglas Firs. A year ago Ryan and Scott each introduced us to a Douglas Fir in need of a basic styling. Their obserrvations as they styled their trees was most insightful. They returned in the fall to review the consequences of the styling and care decisions they had made. We learned from Ryan that styling a tree is like the opening line of a conversation. The tree answers back by deciding which branches, of the ones chosen by the bonsai practitioner, it wants to devote energy to, and which to let go. Then the bonsai practitioner picks up the conversation by working with what the tree has decided. With Douglas-firs, as in other "elongating species" conifers, you can see what the tree has decided by observing the quantity of buds along a twig.

Ryan and Scott will provide their next input as they repot these trees.