BSOP Periodical Index by Technique

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(Air layering:) Box for, Bonsai (British) 1993-20
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(Air layering:) Cryptomeria, Bonsai Today 1994-May-Jun Vol.3
(Air layering:) Elms, Bonsai Today 1997-Sep-Oct, Vol.51
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(Air layering:) Garden trees, Bonsai Today 1997-Mar-Apr Vol.48
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(Air layering:) Important points, Bonsai Today 1994-Sep-Oct Vol.33
(Air layering:) International Bonsai 1999-2, 1999-1, 2009-4
(Air layering:) Jasmine, Bonsai Today 2003-Jan-Feb Vol.83
(Air layering:) Juniper, Bonsai Focus (Octopussy) 2015-6 Vol.160
(Air layering:) Juniper, Bonsai Today 1993-Jan-Feb Vol.23
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(Air layering:) Maples, Bonsai Focus 2015-1 Vol.155
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(Air layering:) Mountain maple, Bonsai Today 1994-Sep-Oct Vol.33
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(Air layering:) Redbuds, ABS Journal (Internet) 1995 Vol.29/4
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(Air layering:) See also “Botany: Propagation”
(Air layering:) Shimpaku juniper, Bonsai Today 2004-May-Jun Vol.91
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(Air layering:) White mulberry, Bonsai Today 1995-Mar-Apr Vol.36
Bark: Preservation, ABS Journal 2013 Vol.47/1
Beginners: 3 Phases in Shaping, (Wild Olive Case Studies) Bonsai & Stone Appreciation 2016 Q3
Beginners: 100 Suggestions, Bonsai Today 1992-Sep-Oct Vol.21
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(Beginners:) 2014-5 Vol. 153
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(Beginners:) 2007-Jan-Feb Vol.107
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(Beginners:) Ownership, Bonsai (British) (Whose Tree is It Anyway) 1992-16
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(Beginners:) Raw material, Bonsai (British) (Back to Basics) 1992-13
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(Beginners:) Satsuki azalea creation/care/training, Bonsai Today 1992-Jul-Aug Vol.20
(Beginners:) See also “Seasonal Care” & “Design” & “Growing”
(Beginners:) See also “Styles” & “Fertilizing” & “Tools” & “Specimens: Zelkova,” “Juniper,” & “Maple: Trident”
(Beginners:) Selecting first branch, Bonsai Today 1991-Jan-Feb Vol.11
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