BSOP Periodical Indices

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 Example:   Leaves:   Shedding, Bonsai Today (How & Why) 2003-Jul-Aug Vol.86


  • Left-hand column, topic heading
  • The subject discussed in the article
  • Name of the magazine 
  • Key words from the title of the article so you can find it in the magazine, included only when the table of contents is vague
  • Issue of the magazine (year plus month or volume, or both)

 Example:   Propagation:   Japanese maple, International Bonsai 1994-2, 1998-1, 2002-2

This entry shows 3 articles in the International Bonsai magazine on the subject of propagation.

For subjects covered in more than one magazine, each magazine is listed on a separate row:

Example: Hagedorn, Michael:   ABS Journal 2003 Vol.37/2, 2005 Vol.39/3

                                             Bonsai (BCI)1998-May-Jun, 1998-Jul-Aug, 1998-Sep-Oct, 2001-Jan-Feb

                                             Bonsai Focus 2008-6 Vol.118, 2009-3 Vol.121, 2010-1 Vol.125

                                             Bonsai Today 2003-Nov-Dec Vol.88

                                             International Bonsai 2003-3

Notice there are 3 articles in the Bonsai (BCI) magazine by or about Mr. Hagedorn, and 3 articles in the Bonsai Focus magazine.

Some artists are found in so many articles that a magazine requires several rows to list them all:
Kimura:   International Bonsai 1994-2, 2008-3, 2002-2, 1994-1, 1995-4, 1994-4, 1991-4

               International Bonsai 1990-3, 1990-4, 1991-1, 1991-2, 1991-3, 1992-1, 1993-1, 1993-4

               International Bonsai1992-4, 1992-2, 1993-2, 1999-2, 2000-3,  2007-3, 2003-1, 1997-4

 Example:  See also “Propagation” & “Techniques: Nebari”

 For cross references, a single word means a heading in the same section you are readingA different section will be named, followed by a colon and the heading within that section.