BSOP Periodical Index by Botanical Subject

Botanical SubjectPeriodical
Age: Age: ABS Journal 1997 (Mystery) Vol.31/4
Age: Age: Bonsai Today 2002-Jan-Feb Vol.77
Arboriculture: Arboriculture: Developing field-grown bonsai, Internat'l Bonsai 2005-1
Arboriculture: Arboriculture: Field growing methods, Bonsai Today 1991-Mar-Apr Vol.12
Arboriculture: Arboriculture: Field-grown, International Bonsai 2002-1, 2002-2
Arboriculture: Arboriculture: In Japan, Bonsai Today 2001-Sep-Oct Vol.75
Arboriculture: Arboriculture: Terms/Concepts, Journal of Japanese Gardening 2001-24
Branches: Branches: Anatomy of, ABS Journal 2013 Vol.47/4
Branches: Branches: Formation, Journal of Japanese Gardening 2003-36
Branches: Branches: Structure, Bonsai (British) 1995-26, 1995-27
Buds: Buds: International Bonsai 2008-3, 2008-1, (Right Before Your Eyes) 2013-4
Chemicals: Chemicals: B-1/Superthrive, Bonsai (BCI) (Internet) 1998-Mar-Apr
Chemicals: Chemicals: Horticultural charcoal, International Bonsai 2013-4
Chemicals: Chemicals: International Bonsai 1994-1
Chemicals: Chemicals: Iron deficiency, Bonsai (BCI) (Internet) 1997-Nov-Dec
Energy: Energy management for bonsai, Bonsai Focus (Going Faster) 2014-2 Vol.150
Flowering/Fruiting: Flowering/Fruiting: ABS Journal 2002 Vol.36/3
Flowering/Fruiting: Flowering/Fruiting: Bonsai Focus, 2014-6 Vol.154
Flowering/Fruiting: Flowering/Fruiting: Bonsai Today (Flowering) 1991-Nov-Dec Vol.16
Flowering/Fruiting: Flowering/Fruiting: International Bonsai 1988-3, 1994-1
Forests: Forests: In Jeopardy, Bonsai (BCI)1994-Sep-Oct
Forests: Forests: Preserving, Bonsai (BCI) 1992-Nov-Dec
Forests: Forests: Yakushima, Bonsai Today (Look'g) 2000-May-Jun Vol.67
Growth: Growth: ABS Journal 2002 Vol.36/2
Hardiness: Hardiness: U.S.D.A. Zone Map, International Bonsai 1993-1
Hardiness: Hardiness: Freeze damage, ABS Journal 1999 Vol.33/3
Hormones: Hormones: ABS Journal 2002 Vol.36/3, Vol.36/4
Hormones: Hormones: How and Why, Bonsai (British) 1996-29
Leaves: Leaves: How foliage affects energy, International Bonsai 2011-1
Leaves: Leaves: How, Why & What, Bonsai (British) 1995-28
Leaves: Leaves: Physiology, ABS Journal 2001 Vol.35/4
Leaves: Leaves: Scorch, Bonsai (British) 1994-24
Leaves: Leaves: Shedding, Bonsai Focus 2009-3 Vol. 121. 2010-1 Vol. 125
Leaves: Leaves: Shedding, Bonsai Today (How & Why) 2003-Jul-Aug Vol.86
Leaves: Leaves: Snow load on conifers, International Bonsai 2010-4
Leaves: Leaves: Sun damage, Internat'l Bonsai (Digest) 1997-2, 2009-3
Light: Light: ABS Journal 2002 Vol. 36/3, (Notes) 1995 Vol.29/4
Light: Light: Bonsai Today (If You Care) 2005-May-Jun Vol.97
Light: Light: Bonsai in full sun, ABS Journal 2004 Vol.38/1
Light: Light: Deciduous in winter, Bonsai (British) (Top Tips) 1997-35
Light: Light: Effect on bonsai, Bonsai (British) 1995-26
Light: Light: Flourescent for bonsai, Bonsai (British) 1997-34
Light: Light: LED lights for bonsai, ABS Journal 2017 Vol.51/1
Light: Light: Response to, International Bonsai 1993-1, 1997-2, 1993-3
Light: Light: Response to, International Bonsai 2011-1, 2011-2
Light: Light: Shading Techniques, ABS Journal 2001 Vol.35/2
Light: Light: Shading Techniques, ABS Journal 2007 Vol.41/1
Moss: Moss: ABS Journal (ABStracts) 1997 Vol.31/3
Moss: Moss: Structure and reproduction, Bonsai (British) (Botanically Speaking) 1997-35
Names: Names: ABS Journal 2003 Vol.37/2
Names: Names: Glossary, Bonsai (BCI) 1993-Jul-Aug, 1993-Sep-Oct, 1992-Sep-Oct, 1993-Nov-Dec, 1994-Mar-Apr
Names: Names: Glossary, all issues of Bonsai (British)
Names: Names: Glossary of Japanese terms, Bonsai (BCI)1993-Jan-Feb
Names: Names: Linnaeus, Bonsai (BCI) 1995-Mar-Apr
Names: Names: On the Naming of Bonsai, ABS Journal Vol.33/2
Names: Names: Terms/Concepts, Journal of Japanese Gardening 2001-24
Names: Names: Types of rock plantings, International Bonsai 2011-4
Names: Names: What's In a Name?, Bonsai Focus 2107-5, Vol.171
Nutrition: Nutrition: ABS Journal 2002 Vol.36/2
Nutrition: Nutrition: Bonsai (BCI) 1995-Sep-Oct
Nutrition: Nutrition: Iron/magnesium deficiency, Bonsai (British) 1994-24
Propagation: Propagation: Acer buergerianum, Bonsai Today 1998-Mar-Apr Vol.54
Propagation: Propagation: Beech from seed, Bonsai Today 1991-Mar-Apr Vol.12
Propagation: Propagation: Beech, International Bonsai 1992-1
Propagation: Propagation: Black pine from seed, Bonsai Today 1994-Jul-Aug Vol.32, 1992-Jul-Aug Vol.20
Propagation: Propagation: Bud grafting camellia & ilex serrata, Bonsai Focus (Technique) 2014-4 Vol.152
Propagation: Propagation: Camellia, Bonsai Today 1994-Mar-Apr Vol.30
Propagation: Propagation: Crabapple, International Bonsai 1994-1
Propagation: Propagation: Cryptomeria, Bonsai Today 1994-May-Jun Vol.31
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, ABS Journal 1997 Vol.31/2
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, Bonsai (British) 1991-9
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, Bonsai Today 1999-Nov-Dec Vol.64, 1990-Sep-Oct Vol.8, 1996-May-Jun Vol.43, 2006-Jul-Aug Vol.104, 2001-May-Jun Vol.73, 1993-Nov-Dec Vol.28
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, acer palmatum, Bonsai Today 1999-Nov-Dec Vol.64
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, camellia, International Bonsai 2014-3
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, hemlock, International Bonsai 1990-3
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, japanese yew, International Bonsai 1991-4
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, juniper, International Bonsai 1981-summer
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, needle juniper, International Bonsai 1997-3
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, Satsuki azalea, International Bonsai 2011-2
Propagation: Propagation: Cuttings, zelkova, International Bonsai 1994-3
Propagation: Propagation: Elms from seed, (Sowing the Seed) Bonsai Focus 2015-6 Vol.160
Propagation: Propagation: Five-needle pine, (Zuisho) International Bonsai 2013-2
Propagation: Propagation: for Bonsai, International Bonsai 2017-3
Propagation: Propagation: From seed, Bonsai Today 1991-Mar-Apr Vol.12, 2001-Jan-Feb Vol.71
Propagation: From seeds & cuttings, Bonsai Today 2004-Jan-Feb Vol.89
Propagation: From seeds over 3 years, Bonsai Focus 2016-2 Vol.162
Propagation: Propagation: Gingko from seed, Bonsai Focus 2017-3 Vol.169;
Propagation: Propagation: Hardwood cuttings, ABS Journal (Internet) 1996 Vol.30/4
Propagation: Propagation: Hinoki cypress from cuttings, Bonsai Focus (At the Top) 2014-6 Vol.154
Propagation: Propagation: Holly from seed, Bonsai Today 1990-May-Jun Vol.7
Propagation: Propagation: Holly, see “Ilex”
Propagation: Propagation: Hornbeam, International Bonsai 2005-2
Propagation: Propagation: Hornbeam, Bonsai Focus 2015-5 Vol.159
Propagation: Propagation: Ilex serrata, Bonsai Focus 2013-1 (How to Maintain Deciduous) Vol.143
Propagation: Propagation: Ilex serrata, Bonsai Today 1992-Mar-Apr Vol.18
Propagation: Propagation: Ivy from cuttings, Bonsai Today 1994-Sep-Oct Vol.33
Propagation: Propagation: Japanese 5-needle pine, ABS Journal (Species Care) 1997 Vol.31/3
Propagation: Propagation: Japanese maple, Internat'l Bonsai 1994-2, 1998-1, 2002-2
Propagation: Propagation: Juniper, Bonsai Today 1998-Sep-Oct Vol.57
Propagation: Propagation: Layer, acer palmatum, Bonsai Today1999-Nov-Dec Vol.64
Propagation: Propagation: Maples from seed, (Ishiguro Method) Bonsai (BCI) 1992-Sep-Oct
Propagation: Propagation: Mikawa black pine, Bonsai Today 2003-Jan-Feb Vol.83
Propagation: Propagation: Mugo pine cuttings, Bonsai Solo 1995 Vol.1/1
Propagation: Propagation: Multiple trunks, Bonsai Today 2006-Jul-Aug Vol.104
Propagation: Propagation: Oak from seed, Bonsai Focus 2016-3, Vol.163
Propagation: Propagation: Pine cuttings, Bonsai (BCI) (Internet) 2004-Oct-Nov-Dec
Propagation: Propagation: Pines from seed, Bonsai Today 1991-Mar-Apr Vol.12, 2006-Nov-Dec Vol.106
Propagation: Propagation: Pomegranate cuttings, Bonsai Solo 1995 Vol.1/1
Propagation: Propagation: Pomegranates from see, Bonsai Focus 2017-5 Vol.171
Propagation: Propagation: Reproduction & flowering, ABS Journal (Roots & Shoots) 2002 Vol.36/2
Propagation: Propagation: Root cuttings of mimosa, International Bonsai 2003-2
Propagation: Propagation: Root cuttings of Chinese elm, International Bonsai 1999-4
Propagation: Propagation: Rooting branch cuttings, Bonsai (BCI) 2000-Mar-Apr
Propagation: Propagation: Rooting cuttings, Bonsai (BCI) (Internet) 1997-Nov-Dec
Propagation: Propagation: Rooting hormones, ABS Journal (Ancient Methodology) 1996 Vol.30/1
Propagation: Propagation: Satsuki Azalea, Bonsai (BCI) 1990-Nov-Dec
Propagation: Propagation: See also “Techniques: Air Layering”
Propagation: Propagation: Seed Germination, ABS Journal 1998 Vol.32/1
Propagation: Propagation: Seeds, Bonsai (British) (Top Tips) 1997-35
Propagation: Propagation: Seeds, International Bonsai (Five-needle pine) 1991-1, (Lodgepole pine) 2008-1, (Zelkova) 1994-3
Propagation: Propagation: Seeds, Bonsai & Stone Appreciation 2010 Vol.49/3
Propagation: Propagation: Seeds, International Bonsai (Japanese black pine) 1993-4
Propagation: Propagation: Shohin from seed, Bonsai Today 2006-Sep-Oct Vol.105
Propagation: Propagation: Sowing Seeds, Bonsai Focus 2015-3 Vol.157, 2016-2 Vol.162
Propagation: Propagation: Spruce seeds, ABS Journal (Of the Living) 2002 Vol.36/2
Propagation: Propagation: Trident maple, Bonsai Today 1991-Mar-Apr Vol.12
Propagation: Propagation: Trident maple trunk cutting, Bonsai Today 1990-Sep-Oct Vol.8
Propagation: Propagation: Willow cuttings, Bonsai Solo 1995 Vol.1/2
Propagation: Propagation: Zelkova from seed, Bonsai Today 1991-Mar-Apr Vol.12
Respiration: Respiration: Bonsai (British) (Superior Smile) 1990-6
Roots: Roots: ABS Journal 2001 Vol. 35/4, 2005 Vol.39/1, 2002 Vol.36/2
Roots: Roots: Accelerate root growth, Bonsai Today 1995-Nov-Dec Vol.40
Roots: Roots: After air layer, Bonsai Today (School) 1996 Nov-Dec Vol.46
Roots: Roots: Cationic Exchange, Bonsai (BCI) (Soil) 2004-Jul-Aug-Sep
Roots: Roots: Damage to, International Bonsai (Digest) 1997-2
Roots: Roots: Damage from drainage issues, ABS Journal (Water Retention) 2014 Vol. 48/4
Roots: Roots: Development, ABS Journal 2013 Vol.47/2
Roots: Roots: Dominant Root Syndrome, Bonsai Focus 2016-6 Vol.166
Roots: Roots: Hairs, (Right Before Your Eyes) International Bonsai 2016-1
Roots: Roots: Heat Stressed, ABS Journal 2009 Vol.43/4, 2000 Vol.34/2
Roots: Roots: Healthy, Bonsai & Stone Appreciation 2010 Vol.49/2
Roots: Roots: Hormones, ABS Journal (Ancient Methodology) 1996 Vol.30/1
Roots: Roots: Killing temperatures, Bonsai (BCI) (Facts) 1990-Jul-Aug
Roots: Roots: Mycorrhizae, Bonsai (BCI) 1992-Mar-Apr, 1991-Mar-Apr
Roots: Roots: Mycorrhizae, Bonsai Focus 2010-2, Vol.126
Roots: Mycorrhizae, International Bonsai 1995-4, 1994-4, 1996-2, 2004-4, 2004-1, 2016-3
Roots: Roots: Root booster Humate, Bonsai (British) 1995-25
Roots: Roots: Root development, Bonsai (British) 1995-25
Roots: Roots: Root rot, Bonsai Today 1995-Nov-Dec Vol.40, 1995-Jan-Feb Vol.35, 1991-May-Jun Vol.13
Roots: Roots: Root zone temperatures in sun/shade, ABS Journal 2000 Vol.34/1
Roots: Roots: Structure, ABS Journal 1996 Vol.30/3
Roots: Roots: Water transport, ABS Journal (Roots & Shoots) 2002 Vol.36/1
Roots: Roots: Winter tolerance, ABS Journal 1996 Vol.30/4
Roots: Roots: See also “Propagation” & “Techniques: Nebari”
Seeds: Seeds: Bonsai (BCI) (Internet) 2004-Jan-Feb-Mar
Seeds: Seeds: Bonsai Today 2001-Jan-Feb Vol.71
Seeds: Seeds: See also “Propagation”
Shohin: Shohin: Stress, International Bonsai (A Little Magic) 2014-3
Trunks: Trunks: Anatomy, ABS Journal 2013 Vol.47/3
Trunks: Trunks: Function of spiraling trunks, ABS Journal (Why Do They Twist?) 1997 Vol.31/2
Trunks: Trunks: Structure, Bonsai (British) 1995-26, 1995-27
Trunks: Trunks: Tree rings, International Bonsai (The Count) 2015-2
Veins: Veins: Bonsai Today 2003-Jan-Feb Vol.83
Weeds: Weeds: ABS Journal 2007 Vol.41/2
Weeds: Weeds: Mistletoe, Bonsai (BCI)1996-Nov-Dec
Weeds: Weeds: Liverwort, Bonsai (BCI) (Internet) 1996-Jul-Aug
Winter Damage: Winter Damage: Bonsai Focus 2007-3 Vol.86