Mentorship 101 for 2020

I hope that we have a large group of bonsai-knowledge-hungry individuals who are anticipating our 2020 Mentorship 101 series. For those of you who are interested in this, here is some advanced information that will probably answer a lot of your questions.

The 2020 Mentorship 101 classes will start in January of 2020 and finish in June.

We will meet in the Oregon Grape Room at the Milwaukie Center, same building we have our general monthly meetings but a different room.

Most classes will be on the second Sundays of the month from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Confirm the date for the current month on the BSOP Calendar of Events.

A signup sheet will be available soon on the Member Services section of the website.  Providing your name and contact information indicates your interest in the class.  You will be contacted in the Fall as details are finalized.

We will be operating with a new syllabus that is very basic and will include trees that will be more mature than our previous 101 trees. The trees will be priced at no more than $20 per session. That will be your only out-of-pocket costs for the series. Expect three to four species from juniper, pine, elongating species and deciduous that we are considering.

You do not need to bring any tools, as they are provided.  However, if you do have your own tools and prefer to bring them, please do. Steve Lemming, Portland Bonsai Supply, will open his store for many of the meetings so you have an opportunity to purchase bonsai related items if you wish.

Each meeting will begin with a 10-minute session of bonsai banter. That equates to the instructors answering any bonsai related questions of any kind. Once we start the program though, we feel it is necessary that all questions are subject specific to that day’s topic.

We encourage you to bring trees you may already have if you have questions, but to keep them off to the side until that day’s program is completed. After the program is done, our instructors will gladly assist you if time allows.

A note of caution for beginners: as your interest grows, you will of course want to acquire more trees and we encourage this, but we feel your collection will be best served if you focus on purchasing trees that are most suited for bonsai. We recommend that you try to purchase trees at the club meetings, bonsai nurseries or any other means as long as it has been grown with the vision of bonsai as its future. Down the road, as you gain better knowledge of what is good bonsai material, you can branch out and search non-bonsai nurseries for your bonsai needs.

A note about collecting: this is a great way to acquire material and at times outstanding material, but avoid the temptation if you are not well versed on how to collect properly.  A poorly collected tree that does not survive is not good bonsai practice.

Questions?  Contact Mentorship ChairLee Cheatle (email).