Bonsai Resources for Portland Area


Table of Contents

Nurseries - Bonsai Stock and Supplies

Daybreak Gardens (Updated 2/7/19)

Pre-Bonsai Plants, Joshua Roth Bonsai Tools, Wire, Pottery, Mica and Plastic Training Pots, Mazama Pumice, Red Cinder Rock, Diatomite Rock, Black Compost, Custom Potting Mix, Organic Fertilizers, Consultations. By appointment.

Contact: Donna Burnett 360-687-5641
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Hackenbruck, Tony (Updated 2/10/19)

Tony Hackenbruck has been a gardener and potter in Portland for 40 years. His garden in the Sunnyside neighborhood of southeast Portland is full of pots, tile installations and ornaments. The garden is listed with the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon and is open in May, June and July. Having found friends in the Bonsai Society, Tony has enjoyed making larger pots to specifications and has begun exploring the transitional forms. Firing eight to ten kilns a year, there is often new work to see.

Contact: Tony Hackenbruck,

Portland Bonsai Supply (Updated 9/07/19)

Wire, tools, akadama, soils, pots, general bonsai supplies. Also selling Portland Rose Society 5-4-4 organic fertilizer. View catalog of items and reserve online order though web store or email. No shipping charges on local pickup orders. Payment accepted at time of delivery. Cash, check and credit cards, accepted.

Contact: Steve Leaming, 503-750-4552

Portland Nursery (Updated 2/4/19)

General nursery selection, Pots, Tools and Supplies
SE Stark St., Portland, OR 503-231-5050
SE Division St., Portland, OR 503-788-9000

River Rock Nursery (Updated 2/21/19)

The nursery grows a lot of unique and interesting plants that are good for bonsai. Generally has a vendor table at the monthly meetings. Nursery open by appointment; call for hours.

Contact: Gretchen O'Brien 503-936-5901
2 miles east of Carver on HWY 224

Telperion Farms (Updated 2/2/19)

Dedicated to creating world-class bonsai material, the farm lies in the foothills of the Cascade Mts, east of Salem. Acres of field-grown pre-bonsai stock developed with the generous wisdom of Mr. Gary Wood.

Contact: Lisa and Chris Kirk 503-881-1147 Call for appointment.

Vojtilla Grapes (Updated 2/9/19)

Bonsai grapes, princess persimmon and other deciduous bonsai

Contact: Dennis Vojtilla 503-550-2848
Newberg, OR

Bonsai Material Suppliers

Pro-Gro Mixes & Materials (Updated 2/4/19)

Horticultural pumice (3/8” to 1/16”) by the gallon

Contact: 503-682-3500
26045 Southwest Grahams Ferry Road, Sherwood, OR 97140

5-4-4 Organic Fertilizer with mycorrhizae, 20 lb bags (Updated 9/7/19)

Created by the Portland Rose Society

Contact: Steve Leaming, 503-750-4552

Woodworkers (Bonsai Stands)

Austin Heitzman, Austin Heitzman Furniture (Updated 2/2/19)

Austin specializes in custom bonsai stands and wooden display options using a wide array of eclectic, locally sourced and imported lumber options. He will consult to determine the best choice for your needs. You will benefit from his knowledge of keeping bonsai and collaborating with professionals like Ryan Neil and Michael Hagedorn, combined with an extensive knowledge of furniture history. He is happy to design stands for specific trees or for more general applications, whether it is for formal show display or home.

Contact: Austin Heitzman 267-262-1177
Portland, Oregon

Ceramic Artists (Bonsai Potters)

Earthwares, Inc., Vicki Chamberlain (Updated 2/24/19)

Based in southern Oregon, Vicki offers thrown and hand built bonsai and kusamono containers. Fired a variety of ways in both oxidation and reduction kilns depending on desired glaze results. Distribution centers continue to grow so check her website for the latest sales locations. Vicki also attends some club meetings and special events, and always brings a few pots with her. Shipping is also available.

Contact: Vicki Chamberlain 541-531-8515

Legendary Art, Jan Rentenaar (Updated 2/21/19)

Local clay creating natural forms for your trees. By using combinations of dark to light clay, Jan is able to create nature-based designed pots. Working closely with Ryan Neil of “Bonsai Mirai”, issues of drainage and durability are addressed. Pots may be seen by appointment and on her website. Pots are also featured exclusively on the "Bonsai Mirai "website,

Contact: Jan Rentenaar,
Warren, OR

Throwing Lines Pottery, Peg Redding (Updated 2/4/19)

Peg is relatively new to the bonsai world. Having been a potter in the field of functional ware, stretching into bonsai pots has provided peg the opportunity to try new forms. She creates both hand built and wheel thrown pots, in both oxidation and reduction kilns. Peg attends the BSOP monthly meetings where she displays her current pieces.

Contact: Peg Redding, text at 907-360-7812,
Silverton, OR

Bonsai Artists – Instructors

Bonsai Mirai, Ryan Neil (Updated 3/15/19)

Build your bonsai skills with a holistic approach focusing on building the bridge between design and horticulture. Bonsai Mirai offers Mirai Live, a robust online education platform with over 360 hours of species and technique-focused lessons, foundational courses on-site at the garden, workshops, and public demonstrations. Mirai’s series of on-site Defining Concepts courses (focused on pines, junipers, and elongating species) offer an in-depth educational experience for practitioners willing to make a commitment to excellence and move beyond the boundaries of traditional bonsai. Explore species-specific behaviors, nuanced techniques, and design principles through a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience. Mirai’s courses are structured for people in any stage of their bonsai journey; instruction will be tailored to the level of the class. Raw and developing bonsai stock are both available for purchase.

St. Helens, OR

Brenden Studio, Greg Brenden (Updated 2/3/19)

As a bonsai artist, Greg specializes in collected native trees and accent plants. He has shown trees and hosted workshops throughout the nation, including a workshop with collected manzanita at the Golden State Bonsai Federation convention in Anaheim, CA in 2005. He has placed entries at the US National Show in Rochester, NY in 2010 and again in 2016. Greg has been volunteering trees and accents for the Portland Japanese Garden's bonsai exhibit since 2016. Greg's accent plantings were featured in 'Decked Out' at the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way, WA, from April to October 2016, and his Southwestern white pine was shown at The Artisans Cup at the Portland Art Museum in September, 2015. Greg is known for bonsai that are 'Outside the Box'. For something unique, see Greg!

Contact: Greg Brenden 503-501-0456
Milwaukie, OR

Cheatle, Lee (Updated 2/15/19)

Lee Cheatle has been passionately doing bonsai since 1994. He joined BSOP in 2000, where he has served on the Executive Board as VP Programs for four years and as President for four years, and he continues to chair BSOP’s exceptional Mentorship program. In 2012 he was instrumental in creating the Mentorship 101 program, geared to teaching beginning bonsai techniques. Lee has studied with the finest instructors in the USA: Ryan Neil, Michael Hagedorn, David DeGroot, Boon Manakitivipart, Masa Furukawa and Joe Harris III. He thrives on taking what he has learned and passing it on to others. He would tell you “I was born to teach”. Lee has won numerous awards for bonsai that he has submitted to shows. He is most proud of being accepted to show in The Artisans Cup, where he finished 16th out of 71 entries of the best bonsai in North America. Lee has, for several years now, been a proponent of the new “American” style bonsai, a movement which is becoming prevalent in our country. Lee would love to have you visit his garden and workshops, and is willing to travel to personal gardens and clubs to do presentations.

Contact: Lee Cheatle,
Tigard, OR

Crataegus Bonsai, Michael Hagedorn (Updated 2/4/19)

Michael Hagedorn apprenticed under Shinji Suzuki of Japan from 2003-2006, and has since crafted a life around bonsai. He has had an urban studio in Portland, Oregon since 2008 where he creates, teaches, and writes about bonsai. His primary teaching outlet is the Portland-based Seasonal Program that fosters a broad and in-depth bonsai experience. Formerly a potter, Michael’s resume includes the authoring the book Post-Dated: The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk, founding the Portland Bonsai Village, and co-creating an educational video the Bonsai Fundamentals Course. Feel free to schedule a garden tour with Michael and 'talk tree.'

Contact: Michael Hagedorn 503-277-8072
Milwaukie, OR

Elser, Scott (Updated 2/4/19)

Scott Elser started down the bonsai path by observing the trees of his grandfather while still a teenager. With a passion for native Northwest species, Scott took his bonsai enthusiasm and skills to a higher level by studying with Boon Manakativipart, graduating from his three year Intensive course in 2005. Armed with this instruction, Scott began entering trees in the US National Bonsai Show, winning Best Conifer in 2008 and 2010, and Best of Show, the National Award, in 2012. His pursuit of bonsai as an artistic endeavor continues with Ryan Neil at Bonsai Mirai. Scott draws on his profession as a graphic designer to create northwest inspired bonsai. He teaches and demonstrates regularly at BSOP and travels throughout the Northwest doing the same.
Contact: Scott Elser 503-803-5343
Portland, OR