Workshop A - Cotoneaster, 9:00am to 12:00pm, Oregon Grape Room

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Workshop A - Cotoneaster, 9:00am to 12:00pm, Oregon Grape Room


Cotoneasters are easily grown and lend themselves to many bonsai styles. Their small leaves and rapid growth habit makes them ideal for shohin size bonsai. They work well in the literati and cascade bonsai styles. This workshop will be led by Roger Case, who will have a number of his styled cotoneaster bonsai available to show what can be done with this species. Trees will be distributed by lottery.

The species used in this workshop are:

  1. Cotoneaster micro cooper -- compact with tiny leaves

  2. Thyme leaf cotoneaster -- specimen is taller with small thyme like leaves

  3. Prostrate rock cotoneaster – bushy specimen with multiple stems which will make for a small full bonsai

  4. cotoneaster horizontalis perpusi – attractive specimen with red berries and multiple stems

  5. Cotoneaster Franchetti – a more open specimen with larger leaves which will make an attractive literati type bonsai

Bring your tools and a plastic bag for cuttings to root when you get home.

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