The 2019 Bonsai Jamboree

Milwaukie Center

Saturday, September 14, 2019

9:00am to 4:00pm

The 2019 Bonsai Jamboree is a blend of our traditional annual Fall Show and the 2018 Bonsai Rendezvous.  Taking the best from each event, the Jamboree is a one-day event that includes a vendor marketplace, a member sales area (80/20), bonsai demos, a help desk, kid’s corner,  will call/holding area, hourly auctions and raffles, and MORE!

A special treat and focal point of the Fall Show has always been the bonsai exhibit, which features BSOP members’ favorite trees.  This year we are expanding the bonsai exhibit, using the Camas Room (the one with the mirrors).  What does this mean to you?  Well, it means you have a chance to show your favorite tree (as opposed to your BEST tree).

 If you have a fully styled tree, GREAT!  We have a special section for you consisting of formal displays.  Bring your stand, scroll, accent, kusamono, suiseki – whatever you want in your display. Scott Elser will arrange the exhibit.

For all the rest of us, there are essentially only the two rules:  the pot and tree must  be clean, without critters or disease.  Bonsai pot is not necessary.  We only ask that the tree have some identifiable effort towards reaching the tree’s future potential as bonsai.

The whole purpose of the Jamboree is to provide education about the art of bonsai and provide knowledge for the public and bonsai enthusiast alike.  What better way to do this than show how much fun we have CREATING these beautiful trees.  I’ve always believed the goal is not necessarily the final fully styled and ramified bonsai.  It’s the process, folks. Let’s show the public how we get there. (Just think how great the exhibit would be if we all brought one tree! Please consider bringing a tree between 6:00 and 8:00pm on Friday evening, September 13.)

New this year, taking a page from the Rendezvous, we will utilize the Oregon Grape and Salal rooms for workshops and lectures

Workshop A – 9:00am to 12:00pm, Oregon Grape Room:

Cotoneaster, 8 workshop slots, $65 each

Cotoneasters are easily grown and lend themselves to many bonsai styles.  Their small leaves and rapid growth habit makes them ideal for shohin size bonsai.  They work well in the literati and cascade bonsai styles.  This workshop will be led by Roger Case, who will have a number of his styled cotoneaster bonsai available to show what can be done with this species. With more than 30 years of serious bonsai practice, Roger is passionate about cotoneasters and has some of the best styled ones we have seen.  Cotoneasters  root well from cuttings, so bring a plastic bag to take your cutting home and start more  potential bonsai!!  You need only to bring tools, a plastic bag for cuttings, and your imagination for an enjoyable, productive workshop. 

Workshop B – 12:30pm to 2:30pm, Oregon Grape Room:

Crabapple, 8 workshop slots, $75 each

This workshop material is Sargent’s Crabapple, Malus sargentii. Ten years old and older, these shohin sized trees were grown from seed by workshop leader Scott Elser, multiple award winner at the US National exhibition in NY. These trees have great movement with no scars in the lower trunk and were specifically raised for shohin. The fruit turns bright red and is about the size of a pea - ideal for shohin. The trunks are about ¾  inch caliper with multiple branching and taper built in. The root bases have been pruned several times already and the trees will be ready for your favorite pot in the spring. Bring your tools.  

All workshop trees will be distributed by lottery.

We are offering a Silent Observer Pass for $10 per person which will allow access to both workshops throughout the day. Observing is a great way to learn – just no tree to take home.

You can add your name to the list of people waiting for a workshop cancellation (all workshops are currently full) and/or register as a silent workshop observer HERE.

Introduction to Bonsai and Workshop:

The Salal Room will be dedicated to educating the public.  Keith Wingfield, BSOP’s Bonsai Ambassador extraordinaire, will offer two Introduction to Bonsai lectures, one 9:30am to 11:am and one from 11:30am to 1:00pm.  Following the lectures will be an introductory bonsai class:

Beginning Bonsai - 1:30pm to 3:30pm, Salal Room

Juniperus procumbens nana, 12 workshop slots, $35 each

This class will be taught by George Biddle of early Mentorship 101 fame.  Juniperous procumbens nana is one of the best trees to use to make a classic bonsai. It has so many of the best attributes that make it ideal: bends easily, can be styled in all bonsai forms, buds back profusely, grows rapidly, tight foliage, heat and cold tolerant, creates its own pads. This species is often thought by beginners to be what bonsai is, because they are seen and sold to beginners more than any other species. Lee Cheatle says he always recommends procumbens to beginners because of its versatility. The workshop trees are reported to have “pencil” or “sharpie” sized trunks for easy styling.

All 12 slots will be filled the day of the Jamboree.  BSOP members are welcome to participate, but must register the morning of September 14th.

Also new this year, the Jamboree will have a tree help station for those who have purchased trees and would like to have an experienced artist give them some advice. Feel free to bring a tree to this table.  We do ask that if there is a line, you present one tree only.  Then if you wish, return to the line with your next tree.

We need BSOP volunteers to make this happen.  Patrice Morrow has set up a SignUp Genius page where you can sign on for any job you want.  Just go to the BSOP website, log in, then select the orange SignUp Genius icon.  Click on the Jamboree signup page (the tree).  Contact Patrice Morrow,, if you have problems or questions about signing up. The page has a brief descriptions of each job.  If you have any questions about a specific job, contact Jan Hettick,, or Patty Myrick,