BSOP Policies (May 26, 2015)

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Advertisements in Newsletter and Email

As a service to our membership, BSOP members with bonsai related businesses may place up to ½ page advertisement in the newsletter at no charge.  Ready-to-print copy must be presented to Newsletter Editor 30 days in advance of the newsletter deadline, in editable format (Word or Publisher).  Advertising copy must be reviewed and renewed annually by member and Editor. Non-members who wish to advertise must first join the Society. (4/13/15)

Personal one-time ads for such things as home sales may be presented to the Membership Chair for distribution via email on a space/time available basis.  Please allow a minimum of 14 days notice. (5/26/15)


Notice of BSOP events may be sent to club members via email.  For non BSOP events the Society may provide courtesy announcements via email.  These non-BSOP announcements will be labeled as such and will stipulate that the event is not an official BSOP event.  Members may “opt out” of receiving any of these notices.


BSOP maintains a large lending library which is available to all members in good standing who provide complete contact information, including email, telephone and home address.  Items may be checked out at regular Tuesday night meetings and occasional other dates when access is possible, to be returned at the next regular Tuesday night meeting.  Items may be renewed for one additional month.  Lost items must be replaced by the borrower or a fine paid equivalent to replacement cost.  BSOP will continue to subscribe to the primary Bonsai magazines, including Bonsai Focus, Bonsai & Stone Appreciation (BCI) and the Journal of the American Bonsai Society, and will, from time to time, purchase new material as authorized by the Executive Board


The newsletter is a benefit of membership as well as a vehicle for BSOP promotion and will be available on the public portion of the BSOP website. 


The Society will carry liability insurance for BSOP and for Directors and Officers.

Use of BSOP Logo

The BSOP logo may be used only on official BSOP websites, brochures or other products. Use of the BSOP logo may be granted to individuals or organization for non-commercial purposes.  The logo cannot be placed on a product which is offered for sale.  Approval of requests for logo use will be the responsibility of the Executive Board.


BSOP may sanction approved subgroups that serve or extend the mission of BSOP.  Each subgroup must be approved by the BSOP Executive Board, with the approval good for the duration of that Board; the group list will be reviewed and renewed by each incoming Executive Board.  BSOP will provide meeting space for each group but whenever possible each should attempt to pay their own meeting costs.   Approved subgroups of BSOP currently consist of:

  • Mentorship

  • Shohin Kai

  • Penjing



The website will be organized into three sections: a public section, a members only section with password access, and an Executive Board section, also password protected.

  • The public section will be maintained by the webmaster and provide a suitable variety of news and information. Information on Society membership will be included. Care should be taken that this section contains timely material, particularly announcements of upcoming events.

  • The Member section will include information not suitable for public distribution, such as member contact information, and may also include discussion forum and other content. The Executive Board will appoint a committee to monitor any forum discussion and offer corrections if erroneous information is put forth.

  • The Executive Board section will include content intended for conducting BSOP business, such as minutes, agendas and materials to be considered for discussion and decision. Any archives of club documents will be accessible via this section.

Article contributors are responsible for all content they post or edit.  That includes accuracy in spelling, grammar and accurate attribution of information posted.  The webmaster will review, make edits if necessary and post the article with appropriate category tags and member name.


Door prize or raffle drawings

One door prize or raffle ticket will be provided to each monthly meeting attendee at no charge, if suitable material is available for a raffle.  Additional tickets will be offered for sale.  Proceeds will accrue to BSOP.


Except for presenting the featured program at a BSOP or BSOP sub-group meeting, all personal effort put forth by BSOP members performing various management and organizational duties for the club is freely volunteered without expectation of remuneration or personal benefit of any kind.  Honoraria for specific program participation shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Member materials sold at meetings, events

Sale of plants and Bonsai related materials at the meetings is a benefit to club members.  It is not necessary at the present time to limit material provided.  All material to be sold should be placed on designated tables.  All sales must be conducted before or after the meeting, not during the meeting or program.  No percentage of the sales will be taken by the club, although a contribution of 10% of sales is suggested.


Vendors who have consistently displayed at monthly meetings will have priority to use the meeting room display tables.  Table use for the each meeting will be confirmed with the VP of Programs.  No percentage of the sales will be taken by the club, although a contribution of 10% of sales is suggested.

Vendors are asked to use the south entry door in order to reduce congestion.  Vendors are responsible for the security of their tables and clean up of any debris.  Questions or concerns should be communicated to the Vice President of Programs.


Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are to be self-supportive to the extent possible.  Priority for admission will be given to BSOP members.  Fees charged will cover all costs associated with the event, including guest artist, space rental fee and any supplies necessary.  Society members may attend workshops as silent observers at a reduced fee established by event coordinator.

Materials for demonstrations by paid guest artists shall be provided by BSOP rather than an individual BSOP member, and shall be the property of BSOP after the demonstration.  The material will be adequately maintained by a BSOP member appointed by the Board, and disposed of in a timely manner at a suitable auction event as identified by the Board with proceeds reverting to the BSOP treasury.

As an alternative, the guest artist may provide their own demo material, which will then be owned by the artist for disposition as they choose.

Holiday party

Each year BSOP will organize a holiday party, which will take place in December instead of the regular meeting.  The party will be organized and managed by a committee appointed by the Executive Board.  This committee will select the schedule, venue, menu, etc., and will organize the auction associated with this event.  The Board will designate the total number of auction items, any limitations on items per member, and the percentage to be charged by BSOP.  The committee will be responsible for identification of items for the silent versus oral auction.


BSOP will not provide any form of alcohol at BSOP events.  Alcohol may be provided as part of special events that are catered by licensed catering businesses.


Hardship Renewal

The Vice President of Membership may, at their sole discretion, offer one year free renewal to not more than three members annually who are unable to renew their membership due to financial hardship.  Said member(s) should be a regular participant at monthly BSOP meetings and/or sub-group meetings.  Members who receive hardship renewal should be encouraged to pay their membership dues for the hardship year should their financial situation improve at some future date.  The VP of Membership will report to the Executive Board the number of hardship renewals that have been issued each year, but the names of said member(s) will remain confidential. (3/2/15)

Honorary members

The Executive Board may accept nominations for Honorary Membership in BSOP for annual review and action as determined appropriate.  Criteria for this distinction shall be members who have contributed significantly to the Society, providing outstanding leadership and/or dedicated service to BSOP.  The honor shall be commemorated by a plaque recognizing the honoree’s contribution to the Society.  Honorary membership is considered to be a lifetime membership, and annual payment of dues is at the member’s discretion.  Presentation of the honor is suggested to be at the Annual Meeting in January, but may be at any time at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Membership fees

Membership fees are established by the Executive Board.  Current annual fees are as follows:

  • Individual member: $30

  • Family member: $40

Visitors are welcome to attend up to three club meetings, after which it is expected they will join the club.

Resource List

The Second VP, Membership Chair shall create a list of resources to be posted to the club website and sent to each new member when they join the Society.  The purpose of the list is to provide information to the membership.  Inclusion on the list should not be considered an endorsement by BSOP, and a statement to that effect should be indicated on the list.  The list should be updated quarterly.  Additional resources may be added upon approval of the Executive Board.  (3/2/15)