"Boon" Soil Basics and Recipe

Information is based upon teachings of Boon Manakitivipart, Bonsai Boon, www.bonsaiboon.com.

All ingredients need to be a uniform size

1 Part Cinder
I Part Pumice
I Part Akadama
1/2 cup Horticultural Charcoal (per 5 gal bucket)
1 cup Crushed Granite (for conifers you can add more pumice and cinder and use less akadama, about 1/4 bucket)

How to Use

  1. Place tie down wires in your pot.
  2. Put drainage layer in your pot. Should be about twice the size of your soil particles.
  3. Make a mound of "Boon" soil in your pot.
  4. Place your tree on top of the "Boon" soil.
  5. Cover your tree's roots with a small amount of "Boon" soil.
  6. Anchor your tree into the pot using the tie down wires.
  7. Finish filling the pot with "Boon" soil.
  8. Using a chop stick, gently work the soil into and around the roots going around the pot one time.
  9. Then tap the pot all the way around using your fist or a rubber mallet to settle the soil in.
  10. Place a layer of sphagnum moss over the top of the soil.
  11. Water your tree until the water runs clear from the bottom drain holes in your pot.
  12. Protect your tree and do not fertilize for two to four weeks.
  13. The best fertilizer to use with "Boon" soil is organic.