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Multi-flush vs single-flush: Multi-flush pines (Black and Red) produce buds twice a year.  Single-flush pines (all except Black and Red) produce buds only once each year.

Scale Juniper:  One of three types of juniper:  1) Scale juniper (J. sargentii/shimpaku, J. horizontalis, J. Sabina, J. Blaauw, etc.) has scale-like foliage.  2) Other junipers (J. communis, J. squamata, etc.) have needle-like foliage.  3) Needle juniper (J. rigida).  Mature growth is produced alongside juvenile growth when the tree has overcome whatever stress has caused the juvenile growth.  Once the mature growth is established, the juvenile growth can be removed, keeping in mind that too much foliage removal at one time can send the tree back into juvenile growth. 

Elongating species: These are all conifers other than pine and juniper which have a tendency to elongate all growing season with multiple flushes of growth.  This is due to the strength of their vascular system.  This differs from pines for which the strength is their root system, and junipers for which the strength is their foliage.

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